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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We help families in across Arizona through the various stages of eviction. The selling process needs to be handled in a timely manner, otherwise the mobile home park will eventually take possession of your mobile home or manufactured home. In order to make sure you get paid for your mobile, we recommend taking action as soon as possible. Arizona Mobile Home Buyers will buy your mobile for cash in less than 48 hours!  

YES! We are known for being a flexible company that makes working with us a pleasure. In challenging times, we love helping families, and we buy mobile homes in any condition. Reach out to us today to find out how we can assist you and your family.

NONE! Arizona Mobile Home Buyers purchases manufactured homes AS-IS for CASH. No repairs are required prior to selling your mobile home to us. Give us a call to get your cash offer! (480) 531-9002

Definitely! A judgment of eviction can appear on your record for the next seven years. This will also make it more difficult for you to purchase a home in the future. Arizona Mobile Home Buyers can buy your mobile home quickly so that you can repay your debts and take care of your troublesome mobile home.

The answer is yes and no. At Arizona Mobile Home Buyers, we are committed to educating mobile home owners about the mobile home selling process. We can help you learn the pros and cons of selling your mobile home with realtors in Arizona, and the hidden costs associated with realtors. We follow all the guidelines and laws in the State of Arizona, making your selling process faster and easier.